Serving Hunterdon & Warren County, New Jersey

and Upper Bucks County, P.A. 



American Lawn Enforcement, LLC is one of the favorite full service landscaping companies in the Hunterdon County area. Our services include lawn and landscape maintenance, aeration, organic lawn treatments, fertilizing programs and weed control, spring & fall clean-ups and debris removal. Our experienced landscapers guarantee clean, prompt service. 

American Lawn Enforcement, LLC
is a professional lawn care company that has been serving the Hunterdon County area for nearly six years. We serve both residential and commercial properties.

We're going green. Look for our organic lawn care services.

  • Organic Fertilizers
  • Compost Tea's
  • Natural and safe weed control
  • Safe lawns for your family and your pets

American Lawn Enforcement, LLC employees will listen to your concerns and be responsive to your needs.  Tired of contractors not calling you back?  We will always call you back.

A well maintained landscape can increase the value of a home as much as 15 percent.

- Lawns provide a safe play area for children.
- As little as 625 square feet of lawn provides oxygen for one person for one day.  Thus, an average residential lawn of 5,000 square feet would supply enough oxygen for eight people.
- Turf converts gaseous pollutants such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into oxygen.
- Lawns trap as much as 12 million tons of dust and dirt from the air.
- Turf areas provide a buffer zone against fires.
- Turf-grass areas play a significant role in the purification of ground water by preventing erosion, trapping soil contaminants from rain water and reducing runoff.  Turf promotes high levels of micro-organisms in thatch and topsoil which play a major role in breaking down contaminants.
- Eight residential front lawns have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning. * (*The Professional Lawn Care Association of America).

American Lawn Enforcement, LLC is a proud member of Greencare for Troops, where we volunteer to take care of lawns and landscapes of our soldiers homes while they are away overseas. "We serve them while they serve us." 

 We even do free snow plowing for those military families enrolled in Snowcare for Troops.










 Senior Discounts Available

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Here's what some of our customers say:

"American Lawn Enforcement has been taking care of my lawn for 5 years. They do a great job and the price is right. Chris is always happy to stop and talk if I have a question.  It's also great to have someone I trust that can do all those other things that I don't want to do myself- like fertilize, aerate and dethatching."
                                                                                                        - Jason S., Flemington

"They do a great job. I have them do all of my properties. They do extra work if you ask them to."
                                                                                                                                            - Chris A., Milford

"They have always done a great job for me".
                                                                                - Maria G., Flemington 



Tree Trimming * Lawn Care * Flower Beds * Gardens * Clean Up * Mulch * Snow Plowing * Fertilizer * Weed Control * Organic lawn treatments * Compost teas


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